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Celebrate an organic harvest

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Sound Consumer | September 2004

by Stephanie Taylor, Director, Farmland Fund

(September 2004)

On the Farmland Fund's fifth birthday we rededicate ourselves to:
Land for organic farming and wildlife
Livelihood for farmers and farm communities
Local, fresh organic produce
Loyalty between the people who grow the food and the people who eat it

Fish Brewing Company gives 50¢ per six-pack and $2 per case to the Farmland Fund throughout September
Amber Ale logo

The Fish Brewing Company is a small, locally owned craft brewery in Olympia, Wash. For 10 years, the company's mission has been to brew specialty beers recognized as among the very best produced in the Pacific Northwest. Fish Brewing is also committed to preserving our important water resources so future generations continue to enjoy wild Pacific salmon, craft beers and our great Northwest quality of life.

At Fish Brewing we're most proud of our USDA Certified Organic Fish Tale Ales. We won two awards in the Organic Beer Category at the Brewing International Awards recently held in London: Fish Tale Organic India Pale Ale won first place and Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale won second place. Both these and Organic Wild Salmon Pale Ale are available on draft and in six packs at finer stores and restaurants in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The decision to go organic has made Fish Brewing a stronger company financially, a better place for its employees to work and a better choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Another natural move for Fish Brewing has been to support non-profit environmental organizations such as the PCC Farmland Fund. The work being done by the Farmland Fund to preserve organic farmland is indispensable to organic producers such as Fish Brewing. We are pleased to contribute to the Farmland Fund's effort to save the Bennington Place, and we encourage everyone to do the same.
— Crayne Horton, Founder, Fish Brewing Company

Saturday, October 2 is Western Washington's Harvest Celebration Day

Nash Huber began this annual festival in April of 1996, when he opened his fields to the public. The following autumn, five farms participated in a countywide farm day on the first weekend in October. The rest is history: in 2003, nearly 20,000 people attended events in 12 counties compared to 9,000 people in 1999.

Nash's farm stand is just up the road from the Delta Farm. For a map and directions, visit his Web site at www.nashsproduce.com. For more information, visit the Cascade Harvest Coalition's Web site at www.cascadeharvest.org. Celebrate the harvest with Nash and everyone at Dungeness Organic Produce. Visit the beautiful fertile land we've saved for organic farming forever.

Farmland Fund Highlights

In Praise of Fertile Land is winner of the 2003 Bumbershoot Literary Award. Special thanks go to the non-profit Whit Press for creating this anthology to benefit the Farmland Fund. All proceeds from sales of the book in PCC stores help save the Bennington Place. Poetry saves farmland!

Choice Organic Teas gives 10¢ to the Farmland Fund on every box purchased at PCC.

The Farmland Fund has saved another farm — 174 acres in the Walla Walla Valley called The Bennington Place. Now we're raising $250,000 to repay the loan for the down payment; we have $135,000 to go.

For more information, visit the The Farmland Fund steps over the mountains to save a new farm, Sound Consumer, March 2004.

Donor Roster (July 1-31, 2004)

Anonymous: 2
Tanya Barnett
Louanne Cole
Nancy Crain
Betty H. Hughes
Bobbie & Jason Katsanis
Monie & John Keeling
Dennis LaMaster
Michelle Lewis-Hodges
Ronald D. Long
Teresa & Kurt Lutterman
Pamela Murphy
Robert Nein
Lindy Oliver
Gary Richardson
David Smith
Mark & Nancy Tucker

PCC Staff
More than 100 PCC staff members make payroll deductions twice a month. John Arvizu contributed his five-year PCC anniversary gift. Eliza Hollingshead contributed her five-year PCC anniversary gift. Lindy Oliver contributed her 10-year anniversary gift.

In honor of newborn
Samuel Flynn Guy

In honor of Jody Aliesan
Board of Trustees
PCC Natural Markets
Staff of PCC Natural Markets
Mari Hooten Lee

Businesses and Organizations
Blue Star Electric
Choice Organic Teas
Clean Earth/PureAyre
TalkingRain Beverage Company
Washington Mutual Matching Gifts Program
Whit Press
Wildwood Natural Foods

The PCC Farmland Fund works to secure and preserve threatened farmland in Washington State and keep it in organic production. The Fund is an independent, community-supported, 501(c)3 non-profit land trust. For more information, see the PCC Farmland Fund web pages.

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