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February 2005

Oil supplements in hand

The Omega-3 factor

by Nancy Schatz Alton

Today’s industrialized food system has left many Americans very deficient in one essential fat. Why foods such as flax, walnuts and fish matter.

Barn in a field

GE assault on farmers

A new report from the Center for Food Safety reveals a methodical assault on United States farmers to control the seed supply ... Monsanto, it says, has set aside “an annual budget of $10 million and a staff of 75 devoted solely to investigating and prosecuting farmers.”

Luke Lukoskie of Island Spring Tofu, Inc.

Island Spring

The first time Luke Lukoskie stepped foot onto Vashon Island, he knew he belonged there. He immediately picked up his belongings from the Montlake neighborhood commune where he was living and moved to the island. One year later, in November 1976, Island Spring Inc. was born.

Tom Ballard, RN, ND

The essence of meal timing

“Timing is of the essence” is not merely an old saying that applies to sports, investing and comedy. The historic record and modern research support the health benefits of regularly timed meals and snacks. Unfortunately, busy lifestyles often cause us to throw regularity into a time warp of missed meals and sporadic snacking.

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2005 Bennington Place challenge grant

This month's report includes information about the 2005 Bennington Place challenge grant, the Bennington Place news, the Delta Farm news, employee matching gift program, merchandise benefitting the Farmland Fund, and the donor roster for December 1-31, 2004.

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