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May 2005

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Are you sensitive to certain foods?

by Yvonne Gifford

Food is a source of great pleasure as well as sustenance for all the world’s people. Yet sometimes, it also can be a source of sensitivity, even without our knowing it. Have you, for instance, ever suffered from unexplained headaches, irritability, anxiety or mood swings? ...

Hand holding supplements/pills.

The right to access dietary supplements

Health & Wellness

One question people are asking PCC these days is whether recent events in Europe will affect the ability of consumers to buy supplements here in the United States. At this point, we don’t expect the U.S. government to restrict access to supplements. But we’re keeping an eye on the situation and will keep you posted as events warrant.

Image of a family that grows bananas

Fair labor bananas — Something beautiful growing

Of all the foods offered at grocery stores, bananas are the most- often purchased item. That means that a banana with great flavor and texture, and that ripens well, may be the most important item in a store — to consumers and retailers alike. At PCC, we set the standard higher — to ensure that our bananas are produced according to fair labor practices.

The folks at Full Circle Farm

Full Circle Farm

Sustainability profile

Full Circle Farm is the manifest destiny of Andrew Stout and his wife and partner, Wendy Munroe. It was more than a decade ago, after completing an internship on an organic farm in Minnesota, that Andrew and Wendy dreamed the farm dream.

PCC Farmland Fund logo

PCC Farmland Fund

This month includes an update on the Bennington Place challenge and update report, threat to land conservation incentives, Sunfield Farm fundraising deadline, Delta Farm update, Nash's Organic Produce Barn Dance, and the donor roster for March 1-31, 2005.

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