PCC Sound Consumer | July 2005

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July 2005

Rainbow chard

The virtues of greens

by Karen Lamphere

Eat more dark leafy greens! As a nutritionist, I say that a lot. And for good reason: Greens are nutritional superstars that do everything from fight cancer to protect eyesight. Sadly, many of us walk into grocery stores and never notice or even recognize many of the dark green vegetables there.


Monsanto study: health problems with GE food

by Trudy Bialic

Revelations of some secret research on genetically engineered (GE) food is heightening concern that eating GE foods could damage human health. The Independent newspaper in Britain reports that secret research by the biotech giant Monsanto shows rats fed GE corn had smaller kidneys and higher levels of white blood cells and lymphocytes compared to rats fed non-GE food.

Man putting fuel into gas tank

Home-brewing energy independence

by Dave Manelski

Biodiesel is an alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel made from renewable resources such as vegetable oils, animal fats or algae. It can be blended in any ratio with petroleum diesel, and any modern diesel automobile runs biodiesel without modifications, although the availability of diesel passenger cars in the United States is limited to only a few manufacturers, most notably Volkswagen.

George and Apple Otte

Cherries from George and Apple Otte

Sustainability profile

Driving north up Highway 97 into the Okanogan Valley, it’s hard to imagine that sweet, juicy dark cherries, crisp apples and elegant Bosc pears emerge from such an arid, dramatic landscape. Massive slabs of rock scraped bare by ancient glaciers rise to meet the sky in this north-central patch of Washington.

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News from the farms

This month includes news from both the Delta and Bennington Place Farms.

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