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August 2005

Fresh herbs and ginger

Cooling Inflammation with diet

by Elizabeth Walker, Ph.D.

Much of the imbalance in our bodies between pro- and anti-inflammatory messengers is due to an imbalance in our diets. There is an alternative. We can restore the balance of inflammation through making changes in our diets.

Body care container that says 'USDA Organic' with slash through it

No more organic labels for bodycare

If you want a body lotion, soap or toothpaste that meets organic standards, you’ll have to start figuring it out from fine print in the ingredient list. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says it’s not going to allow the USDA organic seal to appear on bodycare products and cosmetics.

Woman drinking water

Water: the fourth food group

by Tom Ballard, RN, ND

Water doesn’t appear on most food charts or pyramids, but it is critical. You could argue that it’s more important than grains because you can’t live without water, but you can live without bread.

Jim and Harlyn Meyer

Many Hands blueberries

Sustainability profile

I can’t imagine one summer going by without enjoying an abundance of sweet, delectable blueberries. One seductive berry after another on a sunny August afternoon, and before you know it, the entire pint is gone. This is heaven. When you purchase these juicy local treasures with the label “Many Hands,” you’re doing more than indulging in a dose of healthy antioxidants.

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Saving organic farmland forever takes talent, heart and community.

This month includes pictures from the Delta and Bennington Place Farms, and "For the Love of Earth," verse from In Praise of Fertile Land

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