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September 2005

Workers harvesting cucumbers, giving root to a dream.

Organic harvest — Better for farm workers

by Cameron Woodworth

Many of us have long believed that organic food is excellent for our health as well as for the environment. But there are many less obvious benefits to supporting organic agriculture. Chief among these is the positive impact organic food can have on the lives of farm workers.

A new PCC store in Redmond

A new PCC Natural Market is coming to the Eastside. Our eighth store will open in Redmond in early 2006. Construction is underway now at the site, at N.E. 116th Street and Avondale Road N.E. in Redmond.

Supplements on a shelf, health and body care products

Take action to save dietary supplements

Our access to dietary supplements is on the line. The U.S. Congress is considering legislation, H.R. 3156, which would make an estimated 70 percent of supplements subject to new regulations, some as restrictive as those for prescription drugs.

In Zillah, Scott Leach enjoy the fragrance of the soil and the prospect of a bountiful harvest from his favorite ride.

Why local matters — Washington apples and pears

Sustainability profile

Today, Washington provides an abundant selection of crisp apples and juicy pears. But the tree fruit industry also is vital to the state’s bottom line, reminding us of why it’s important to buy local.

Judith Lipton, M.D.

Conquering Crohn's disease

Health & Wellness

by Judith Lipton, M.D.

Most Western physicians believe that Crohn's is an autoimmune disease, the result of an underlying genetic defect and some unknown environmental trigger ... many scientists now think that Johne's disease in animals may cause Crohn's disease in people. MAP may cause both.

PCC Farmland Fund changes name to PCC Farmland Trust

In this month's article read about the Funds name change to the PCC Farmland Trust, Western Washington’s Harvest Celebration Day, the Sunfield Farm seeks a farmer, Employee matching gift program, and "A Blessing," verse from In Praise of Fertile Land.

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