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December 2005

Young boy drinking milk in school cafeteria

2005: Looking back & moving forward

by Jill Irwin

Through the efforts of concerned parents, impassioned community activists and nonprofit organizations, 2005 has brought some great successes towards a cleaner, safer, more sustainable food supply and world. Here’s a brief rundown of some exciting happenings over the past year and some challenges that lie ahead.

Saving organic standards

Are they really under "sneak attack?"

(Link above goes to Public Policy statements in our "Issues & Actions" area.)

Bees and candles at Big Dipper Wax Works

Big Dipper Wax Works

Sustainability profile

Brent Roose started making beeswax candles “three garages ago” because it was the only way he could afford the kind of clean candles he valued. From part-time candle making, Big Dipper grew into a facility and warehouse in south Seattle about a year ago.

Serene face of a woman

Taking care of your body and mind during the holiday season

health & wellness

by Pat Sullivan and Pavitra Marita Ehses

During this time of celebration, we look forward to making connections with family and friends, yet we all know that too often we end up overextended and exhausted. Instead of enjoying family and daily activities, we may realize we are actually in a state of coping. Too much to do and unresolved worrying causes us stress and compromises our health.

The PCC Farmland Trust logo

Keeping us all fed

Nash Huber and the crew at Delta Farm have teamed with Clallam Citizens for Safe Food to pass Proposition 1 on November 8. This proposition will enact the Buyer Excise Tax (BET) to save farmland in Clallam County. Also in this month's article - read about the "Thank your local organic farmer" fundraising.

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