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Sound Consumer | January 2006

Board meeting report

Highlights of the November 29 board meeting included review and approval of the 2006 operating budget and business plan, an evaluation of the fall member meeting, discussion of a board retreat, and a decision on the 2006 annual meeting and election dates.

The board members consider the fall member meeting, attended by more than 120 members, a success. They agreed that the evening’s format — including dinner, a period for members’ questions and an educational segment — produced a value-added meeting for our members.

Board Administrator Janice Parker reports that the meeting’s highlights are being shared via online posting of the “Shopping Smart at PCC” documents written by our speakers Goldie Caughlan and Rita Condon, PCC’s nutrition educators. The documents include a nutrition quiz, “budgeting” tips, and some delicious recipes featuring local and seasonal ingredients.

“We’re very excited to use our Web site to share some elements of the meeting with those who weren’t able to attend,” notes Parker. See the fall member meeting report here.

The Board Development Task Force has begun planning an early 2006 retreat. Task force chair Chantal Stevens says, “At least once each board year, we plan for a focused discussion of one or two topics. It gives the board an opportunity to devote a block of time (at least a day, sometimes two) to a subject.”

Topics being considered are retail grocery metrics, growth and competition, strategic planning, sustainability, the Policy Governance® model, and the co-operative movement.

Next board meeting

There was no board meeting in December. The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be January 31 at 5 p.m. at the co-op office. The member comment period is at 6 p.m.

Application deadline closes

Nominating Committee chair Kim Norton reports that the committee received 11 applications from individuals wishing to be board candidates in the next election in May. The committee will begin conducting interviews this month and is on target to present a slate of candidates in March. “It’s great that so many of our members are willing to consider making this major commitment to serve our co-op,” says Norton.

Hurricane relief update

According to Jill Stevenson of the National Cooperative Business Association, co-ops around the country have donated at least $177,430 to support those impacted by recent hurricanes. PCC members can feel proud that our co-op’s donations of more than $29,000 represent nearly 17 percent of the total raised by co-ops.

Read about PCC's contributions to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts:

PCC member Kelly Miles (left) and board member Bill Roach (right) met at December’s Talk to the Board event at the Fremont PCC. Miles works with the National Co-op Grocers’ Association and was thrilled to see the artist’s rendition of PCC’s new Redmond store.

Talk to the Board

Linkage Task Force chair Julie Tempest invites members to meet a board member at one of the “Talk to the Board” store visits. “A board member spends two hours at a different store each month,” says Tempest, “to hear any thoughts members may have to share with us, or to try to answer questions. Trying to connect with members is a critical part of our work as board members.”

Upcoming Talk to the Board dates:

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