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May 2006

Tractor road caution sign

The precautionary principle

by Carol Estes

The concept of taking action to avoid potential harm — even in the face of scientific uncertainty — has gained considerable cachet. Imagine this: a chemical company plans to market a new pesticide. A committee is convened of local citizens, including farmers, consumers, ... to analyze the alleged benefits and potential risks to the community.

PCC opens new eco-friendly store in Redmond

This month’s grand opening of PCC’s Redmond store offers Eastside residents a delicious, new shopping destination. Much like PCC’s Fremont store, the Redmond site will emphasize fresh foods, with large produce and deli departments.

Aerial veiw of farmland

Thank you PCC members — BIOAg program is funded

Bulletin: For the very first time, the Washington State Legislature has appropriated money to support organic and sustainable agricultural research and organic production science as an academic major at Washington State University, our state’s publicly funded land grant university.

Folks at Vegfest

Spirit of service and community thrive at PCC

by Catherine Hay

I wanted to determine whether or not the founding principles were still thriving at PCC or simply a part of the company’s history. The answer is clear: the spirit of service is very much alive and well.

The PCC Farmland Trust logo

PCC Farmland Trust

This month reports on activity on the Bennington and Dungeness Farms this spring. Also notice of a possible new farm.

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