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Sound Consumer | December 2006

by Alicia Guy, Director, Farmland Trust

Giving for the common good

Instead of adding to the landfill, your holiday thoughtfulness will be adding to fertile farm soil forever.

2006 was a very busy year for the PCC Farmland Trust. With the spring purchase of the Ames Creek Farm in east King County, we have increased the agricultural acreage preserved by actions of the Farmland Trust by 178 fertile acres. That’s about 54 percent more land in active organic agricultural production. The Trust also has developed good relationships with three more hard-working local farmers.

Bennington Place panarama
Bennington Place, one of the farms protected by the PCC Farmland Trust.

Now PCC members and other Farmland Trust supporters are generously coming forward with donations to pay down the loan that allowed us to acquire the Ames Creek Farm. With your help, we can mark this year as a great success in fulfilling the mission of the PCC Farmland Trust.

This December, it’s easy to combine holiday giving with your desire to help preserve organic farmland in Washington state. Consider making a donation to the PCC Farmland Trust as a gift to someone who cares about the future of farmland and the livelihood of local, organic farmers. Your loved one will receive a card announcing your gift to the PCC Farmland Trust on their behalf.

To make a donation:


If you donate $100 or more in the month of December, you may choose to receive a very gift-worthy and quite lovely poster entitled “Northwest Hedgerows,” published by Good Nature Publishing in Seattle. For a detailed look at the poster, please visit www.goodnaturepublishing.com.

A percentage of the sales from the following products also helps support the mission of the PCC Farmland Trust. These items are available for purchase at any PCC store:

End of the year donations
The PCC Farmland Trust is a separate, nonprofit 501(c)3. December is a good opportunity to make another tax-deductible donation for 2006 to round out your year of generosity.

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