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February 2007

woman on a dock

The stress response

by Steven M. Hall, MD, and Patti Pitcher

Chances are, if you’re an American, you know the importance of eating a heart-healthy diet. You know not to smoke, to watch your cholesterol, and to stay active ... but despite all these precautions, you’re still more likely to die of heart disease than any other cause, including cancer.

Woman walking

PCC Fit & Healthy Challenge

Let’s prove we’re miles ahead

The Washington Health Foundation (WHF) is launching the 2007 Healthiest State in the Nation campaign, the largest civic-engagement campaign focused on health in our state’s history. So far, nearly 30,000 people, 200 schools and 750 organizations are participating in the WHF campaign.

sleeping woman

Sleeping less, gaining weight?

Sleep is the ingredient that a number of researchers are pointing to as the missing link in weight loss plans. It’s the reason some people struggle to lose weight and can’t seem to get their appetite under control. Sleeping more cannot guarantee that anyone will lose weight, but sleeping less certainly can contribute to weight gain.

The PCC Farmland Trust logo

Bennington Place: More than 174 acres

This month the Trust reports on The Bennington Place Farm and their upcoming farm field trip on Saturday, March 31. Also a fundraising progress report on the Ames Creek donation challenge.

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