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June 2007


Local? Organic? What’s a consumer to do?

by David Lively

As foodies across the country debate the merits of local versus organic food, Time magazine has climbed into the ring, grabbed the microphone and announced to the crowd, “The winnah . . . Local!” With “Forget Organic, Eat Local” stickered on an apple for the March 2, 2007, cover, Time let us know the argument was settled. Good guy wins, bad dies.

A word on supplements and health freedom

We want to put your mind at rest about an alleged crisis in health freedom. A fair number of you called or e-mailed, alarmed by action alerts on the Internet that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is about to restrict severely our access to vitamins and supplements.

Bananas and worker

Update: Something beautiful growing

by Betty Merten

If you’ve eaten any bananas lately with the bright white and green GROW sticker on them, you know how good they are. What you may not know is that they come from the coastal part of the state of Colima, Mexico, and that your purchase is helping to fund local community projects that benefit the children and families in the communities where these bananas are farmed.

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The midsummer challenge

by Alicia Lundquist Guy

The summer solstice is one of those common threads that bring humanity to the same point of reference — the same table. Every single one of us needs food and agricultural civilizations would not be possible without this blessed season of growing ... As you sit with friends enjoying an alfresco meal in the warm, light evening of midsummer, lift your glass for a toast to the wonderful food and drink that the sun has nurtured on nearby farms, vineyards and ranches.

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