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Fall member meeting

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Connie and Doc Hatfield of Country Natural Beef will talk about sustainable practices at PCC’s fall member meeting.

Sound Consumer | September 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 5:30 p.m.
St. Demetrios Hall
2100 Boyer Ave. E., Seattle, WA

(September 2007) — If you’re a PCC member, please join us for our fall member meeting on October 17. Reservations will be accepted until October 10.

October is National Co-op Month, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate one of PCC’s longstanding relationships with another cooperative, Country Natural Beef (CNB), previously known as Oregon Country Beef. Doc and Connie Hatfield, one of the co-op’s original family producers, and other experts will talk about sustainable values and practices.

The CNB cooperative was formed more than 20 years ago by 14 family ranches who had ancestors on the Oregon Trail. CNB’s Web site notes: “The direct connection between a natural environment and food was an everyday occurrence. It is a cultural loss that [the daily] meal and the connection with nature it represents is no longer a reality for most urban dwellers.”

PCC’s members realize the importance of that connection. “Our members tell us all the time that they want to meet the people who grow the meat and produce they buy in our stores,” notes board chair Julie Tempest.

Come with your questions about beef ranching and be prepared to be impressed with a fantastic story of how the CNB co-op restored traditional ranching to the Northwest. It helped drive important changes in the meat industry, such as practicing humane animal husbandry and exercising environmental stewardship.

October also is the month that we might see a new U.S. farm bill passed. We’ll take stock of the developing farm bill and learn what’s in it for organic producers from Miles McEvoy, organic program manager for the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Andrew Stout, owner of Full Circle Farm, also will join us to give a farmer’s perspective.

The member meeting begins with a supper featuring Country Natural Beef, seasonal and organic veggies and grains. Of course, there’ll be time for your questions and comments about PCC.


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