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October 2007


Colony Collapse Disorder

Revisiting the hive

by Debra Daniels-Zeller

After 80 million years on the planet, honeybees are disappearing — with more than 100 food crops riding precariously on their wings. In the past few decades, our primary pollinators have been plagued with increasing numbers of parasites and diseases.


Think reuse!

Bring your own bag (BYOB)

PCC’s decision to discontinue plastic shopping bags as of October 1 is evoking an overwhelmingly positive response. Members and shoppers seem to be embracing the intent of the decision — to encourage reuse of any shopping bag.


Freedom of choice? The 2007 Farm (Food) Bill could offer real variety for consumers

If asked to use one word to describe the U.S. food system, my bet is that many Americans would say “choice.” The aisles and aisles of products in most American supermarkets make our choices as consumers appear not only abundant compared to many other countries in the world, but practically limitless.


Saving farmland: Fresh possibilities for change

by Kelly Sanderbeck, PCC Farmland Trust Communications and Development Director

This month's topic is about the Ames Creek Challenge Grant — from July 1 to November 1, every dollar donated to the Farmland Trust — up to a total of $40,000 — will be matched by 50 cents. Also the Trust thanks Portage Bay Cafe and Powers Winery.

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