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Bring your own bag

Your suggestions to “Think Reuse”

Sound Consumer | November 2007


(November 2007) — From West Seattle to Redmond, PCC shoppers are offering great suggestions on how they remember to bring their own bags for taking home their groceries.

Practical or fanciful, the ideas are evidence that all of us are part of the solution to reduce unnecessary waste.

The most common suggestion is to keep your bags in the car so they’re always handy. One member has attached a reminder on his doorknob to put them in the car! Several people have asked PCC to post reminders in the parking lot — “Do you have your bags?”

Others suggest PCC should have a bin in each store where shoppers can leave a bag or take a bag — with or without a refundable deposit. (Great concept but public health rules prohibit such reuse.)

We’ve heard several requests that PCC should offer a wider variety of reusable totes for sale — from string bags and hemp bags to woven plastic bags. (See Letters to the editor, November 2007 Sound Consumer.) One member recommends visiting www.reusablebags.com for insulated fabric bags (good for school lunches — without toxic vinyl).

We want you to know that offering more choices is in the works. Several totes have been evaluated for content, durability and cost, and at least one new style will be available soon.

Many shoppers contend that charging for bags is the only way to change old habits. It’s true that bags aren’t free to any business or our environment as a whole, and there’s evidence charging does change habits on a major scale. But other PCC members say they’d rather see us encourage BYOB habits by making shoppers feel good about bringing their own reusable bags.

We’re glad to say PCC is working on some fun incentives.

In the meantime, many thanks to all of you who are finding and sharing ways that work. Keep your suggestions coming. We’re listening.

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