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Sound Consumer | November 2007

View Ridge celebrates

On September 29, the View Ridge staff, members and neighbors enjoyed a “picnic in the parking lot” to celebrate the store’s 20th anniversary. More than 300 people enjoyed hot dogs, tofu dogs and beverages, along with music from two PCC-related bands.

Board meeting report

At its September 25 meeting, the board heard progress reports from several newly formed committees and approved their charters. The board also discussed the recruiting and nominating process that produces candidates for board election.

The 2008 nominating committee reported that it will be looking at the applications that were submitted by the November 6 deadline and will begin interviews in mid-November.

Next board meeting

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be Tuesday, November 27 at 5 p.m. at the co-op office. Member comment period is at 6 p.m.

Fall member meeting

We’ll report on the October 17 fall member meeting in the December issue and on our Web site by November 1.

Talk to the Board

This event continues to be a backbone for the PCC Board’s outreach. Alexander Rist, member relations committee chair, says “We’re continuing to develop questions to probe our members about various topics, in addition to listening to concerns and issues the members want to raise.”

Upcoming “Talk to the Board” dates

Public policy work and outreach

In the past quarter, PCC has participated in the following to advocate sustainable public policies and build community:

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