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January 2008


Washington agriculture in a changing climate

The next 50 years

by Stephen Bramwell

Washington State is notching up its response to climate change, fueled by an increasing body of scientific studies and a rising number of floods and droughts. A flurry of state planning is targeting issues that particularly will affect agriculture.


Quality standards, product changes

You may have read about the elimination of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from products at PCC Natural Markets ... All PCC merchandisers are vigilant in their role as gatekeepers and push back complaints or suggestions to manufacturers. So as this new year gets under way, there are some more product changes you should know about.


What’s the difference between pasteurized cheese and raw milk cheese?

by Sylvie Koester

Cheese is a natural food that links us to our past, our traditions. It is made from milk, the very source of life. Just how milk is processed during cheese making has become something of a controversy.


A January farm tour ... and simple ways you can help save farmland

by Kelly Sanderbeck, PCC Farmland Trust Communications and Development Director

This month's article thanks all donors for their support in 2007. Also gives details and registration information about the Delta Farm tour held on January 19, 2008. Online registration is available.

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