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July 2008

Man holding produce

The gifts of local growers

by Alicia Lundquist Guy

For those who create their shopping list based on the availability of local organic produce, July is most notable for its steadiness and abundance. Four farm and the farmers who own them are profiled: Rent's Due Ranch, Nash’s Organic Produce, Full Circle Farm and River Valley Organics.

Tracking pesticides, factory farming

by Trudy Bialic, Editor

Two significant developments involving our food system warrant a heads up this month. They involve 1) the U.S. government’s decision to stop tracking pesticide use on food crops, and 2) a surprising report on the industrial treatment of livestock.

people and bikes

The Alaffia Bike Project: 2,000 bikes heading to Togo

by Olowo-n’djo Tchala

Editor’s note: If you’re one of the PCC staff or members who participated in a February bike drive for school children in Togo, here’s a letter passing on heartfelt thanks. If you missed the February bike drive, there’s still time to extend a helping hand — from our co-op to Alaffia’s co-op, halfway around the world.

Recipes: Summer in a jar

Freezer jam is fun and easy to make! It’s also a delicious way to enjoy the lower prices of local, seasonal berries and fruit all year-round. See our recipe for No-Cook Freezer Jam (including tips on making jams and jellies using Pomona Pectin Powder sold at all PCC stores) and stir up a batch for the taste of summer in a jar.


Research and education: critical for a food-secure future

by Goldie Caughlan, PCC Nutrition Education Manager

As petroleum costs soar, energy-intensive farmers and ranchers will be considering their options. They may focus on finding markets for their products as close to home as possible before looking in other areas. Non-organic producers especially will have to reconsider their dependence on petroleum-based agricultural chemicals.

New items in our stores

Learn about the products that are new to PCC in July. You'll find local, organic berries in produce, gluten-free chips in grocery, lip balms from Ballard Organics in our health and body care department, and more.


Notes from the Cellar

On the road (continued ...)

by Jeff Cox, Wine and Beer Merchandiser

(Chico, Calif.) — Highway 99 narrows to two lanes, a northbound gray ribbon vanishing into distant almond orchards. On either side, a sea of exuberantly green grass wears the morning dew in the early light.


Seasonal produce

The best blueberries

We think you’ll agree that the enormous, local, organic blueberries that PCC sells under the Many Hands label are the most delicious, colossal blueberries found anywhere.


Local farms, local restaurants

by Kelly Sanderbeck, Communications & Development Director

Patronizing certain local restaurants as well as local grocers is a great way to benefit local farmers. One of these restaurants, The Grange Café, deserves special notice because of its strong commitment to sourcing local organic foods from several PCC Farmland Trust farms.

Letters to editor

Farm worker justice · Support for EWG · GM soy · Diacetyl · The case for supplements · Bottled water · Fluoridated drinking water

News bites

PCC support for fair labor communities · Salmon habitat saved in Ballard · Climate change worse in the West · Home gardens increasing · New sustainable agriculture program · Coffee and tea don’t raise breast cancer risk · GM corn contaminates 35 kilometres · Detox with chlorella · Bisphenol A lawsuit · Coffee before cereal boosts blood sugar · Ranchers leery of beef packer merger · US consumers want GM labels

Your co-op

PCC 2008 election results · Board report · PCC member benefit with Zipcar

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