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October 2008


Why genetically modified crops will not feed the world

by Bill Freese

Rising food prices reached a flash point this spring, sparking food riots in more than a dozen countries. And for the world’s poor, high prices mean hunger. The global food crisis has many causes, but according to the biotechnology industry, there’s a simple solution — genetically modified (aka biotech) crops ... Not everyone is convinced.

apples pears

Recipes from the October issue

Some of the best fall apples and pears come to PCC from George and Apple Otte of River Valley Organics in Tonasket, Wash. Their crisp Cameo apples are great for cooking, as well as their sweet and nutty Bosc pears. These recipes by PCC Cooks instructors use either fruit for a delicious taste of our local harvest. Apple or Pear Kasha Crumble · Apple or Pear Custard Tart · Homemade Apple or Pear Sauce. And for squash lovers: Vegetable-spiked Green Rice


Food irradiation: two words that should never connect

by Goldie Caughlan, PCC Nutrition Education Manager

The Final Rule, published on August 22, a Friday in late summer, was easily overlooked by a nation on vacation. The 30-day comment period has expired. The FDA’s action was unexpected, but a petition from 2000 still seeks irradiation of many foods. We’ve learned it was at the FDA’s suggestion that the National Food Processors joined with the irradiation industry ...


Notes from the Cellar

Good intentions

by Jeff Cox, Wine and Beer Merchandiser

If the highway to hell is paved with good intentions, I’m definitely doing my shift on the road crew of the damned. Yes, I truly did intend to craft the monthly screed, but, well, you know how it goes. In any case, I can brilliantly cut and paste ...


Seasonal produce

Delightful Delicata

When the first squashes appear, you know autumn has arrived. These hearty vegetables tend to signify the coming of winter but there are a few varieties that reach their peak between late September and Thanksgiving.

What's new in store — October 2008

Learn about the products that are new to PCC in October. You’ll find items from Beeceuticals Organics and Kiss My Face Kids, along with sausage and local cheese and apples.

Letters to editor

Grocery receipts · Vegan diets · Soy foods · Microwaved food safety? · Spraying for the apple moth and organic status · Bottled water

News bites

Small is more efficient · Pesticide residues shopper’s card · EPA bans carbofuran residue on food · Food trade sustainability · Irradiation: spinach and head lettuce · Farmed tilapia and catfish high in inflammatory fats · Cutting calories may slow aging · Pasteurized soy milk · Genetically engineered trees

Your co-op

Fall member meeting · Upcoming Talk to the Board opportunities · Board application deadline November 4 · Board report

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