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April 2009

kitchen collage

The Eco-kitchen

How to green your cooking space

By Nancy Schatz Alton

I’ve often dreamed of someday creating a kitchen that’s as green as you can get but until then, I’ve found many ways to improve my current cooking space. From using appliances more efficiently to cleaning with earth-friendly products, here’s a primer for how you can, too.


Host a chocolate tasting party

By Eli Penberthy

Good chocolate, like wine or coffee, has complex tastes and aromas that reflect the type of cacao beans, where the beans are grown, and how they are roasted and refined. Gathering friends for a chocolate tasting can be a fun way to explore the many flavors of this pleasureful treat, so here are a few ideas to get your party started.


Recipes from the April issue

Roasted Asparagus Soup with Spring Herb Gremolata · Halibut and Chickpea Salad · Balsamic Strawberries · Asperges aux Beurre Noisettes (Asparagus with Brown Butter Sauce and Hazelnuts)


Everything old is new again! Pressure cookers are in

by Goldie Caughlan, PCC Nutrition Education Manager

In 1973, the book, “Diet for a Small Planet,” by Frances Moore Lappé, so impressed me I decided to change everything about the foods I fed my growing family and assorted others in our extended household. Reading Lappé, I became determined to learn how to prepare mostly vegetarian meals — as a way to use fewer resources and for the added health and nutrition as well.

What's new in store — April 2009

Discover the products that are new to PCC in April. Our new take-and-bake pizzas in the deli are fresh, never frozen, and a fantastic value. You'll also find new skin care products, tea and items from Seventh Generation.


Notes from the Cellar

What's in a word

by Jeff Cox, Wine and Beer Merchandiser

In French, there is no word for “winemaker.” Neither does the word exist in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Piemontese, Basque, Occitan, or any of a Babel of linguistic local flavors. While it may seem a charming, but anachronistic Old European curiosity, it’s not an accident, nor an oversight. This seemingly trifling linguistic detail explains a lot, about a lot of things.


Seasonal produce

Fresh, spring asparagus

It’s a sure sign of spring when asparagus starts appearing in the produce department. This tender vegetable is such a treat when steamed or sautéed, perhaps tossed with a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Enjoy the recipe "Asperges aux Beurre Noisettes" or Asparagus with Brown Butter Sauce and Hazelnuts.


Stewarding farmland

by Melissa Campbell, PCC Farmland Trust Stewardship and Land Associate

Farmland provides much more than food. Well-stewarded farmland provides habitat for wildlife, preserves scenic open space, and helps filter our water and the air we breathe. Organic practices take farmland stewardship one step further by eliminating synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). And check us out on Facebook!

Letters to editor

From farms to food banks · Fair Trade tea · Domestic v. imported food · High fructose corn syrup · GM corn · Toxic rhubarb greens · FDA unable to protect food supply? · Bisphenol A and baby bottles · Keep printed Sound Consumer · Heating the home

News bites

Consumers still buying green · Organic food sales · Supporting local through a recession · One food safety agency? · Eat more dirt? · Organic veteran chosen for USDA post · Biotech companies thwart research · Men more responsive to caffeine · Calories, not content, determine weight loss · Organics can prevent food crises · Organic agriculture increases worldwide · GM cotton contaminates food chain

Your co-op

Notice of annual membership meeting · 2009 board election begins this month · Board report · PCC commended by organic certifier

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