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May 2009

Sheep at White House

Organic White House

by Eli Penberthy

While it’s very exciting that Michelle Obama has planted an edible garden on the South Lawn, kitchen gardens are nothing new at the White House. Eleanor Roosevelt started the trend in 1943, when she encouraged a return to the “liberty gardens” that helped alleviate food shortages and promote self-sufficiency during World War I.

feedlot cows

Animal ID does not address causes of disease or contamination

by Mark Ellis

We recognize that concerns about bird flu, mad cow disease, and recurring E. coli contaminations might make a proposed animal ID program seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) proposal for animal ID would reward factory farms whose practices have encouraged disease, while crippling family farmers whose practices typically help prevent disease.


Recipes from the May issue

Night-before Quesadillas · Greek Yogurt with a Fig, Date and Honey Swirl · Wrap and Roll · Wild Baby Greens Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette and Candied Walnuts

Nanoparticles vs. nanotechnology

by Samia McCully, ND

What's new in store — May 2009

Discover products new to PCC! You'll find fresh produce just in from the farms, coconut milk yogurt, gourmet popcorn, gluten-free cookies, green superfood supplements and more.


Notes from the Cellar

On the road, again ...

by Jeff Cox, Wine and Beer Merchandiser

The buds are swelling, things are awakening, the new season oozes to life in defiance of winter’s hypothermic hangover. The sap is rising. Anyone with a pulse can feel it. But tomorrow promises rain and here I sit, snug at my desk, while visions of crisp, vividly flavored, terroir-accented white wines and cool, spicy rosÚs dance in my head.

salad greens

Seasonal produce

Local, organic mixed baby greens

Twenty-eight miles from Seattle in Carnation, Full Circle Farm is busy tending to its array of crops and hand-harvesting its tender, vibrant salad mix. This first local crop of the year includes six different baby lettuces along with as many as nine other greens.


Come tour the Bennington Place Farm!

by Kristin Vogel, Office & Outreach Coordinator, PCC Farmland Trust

Please join us for the beginning of a year-long celebration of our 10th Anniversary at Bennington Place Farm on Saturday, June 27. We’re looking forward to feeling the full sun on our faces as we tour the farm and hear about how the Huesby family has been caring for their land sustainably for generations. Reservations begin May 11, 2009.

Letters to editor

The cost of food · 10 percent member discount · Food legislation · Electrolyzed water? · Gluten-free at PCC

News bites

Eggs linked to cardiovascular health · Nutrient declines in fruits and vegetables · Mad cow rule delayed? · Downer cows banned · New food-safety commission in China · HFCS and insulin resistance · Kansas bans rBGH-free labels · No GM crops on national wildlife refuge · Cold activates calorie-burning fat · BPA in energy drinks and soda

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