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June 2009

Raw food vitality

Almost everyone can benefit from eating more raw foods

by Cameron Woodworth

As the author of a vegetarian dining guidebook, I’ve had the pleasure of eating many exceptional meals over the years. But one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had was not at a restaurant. Rather, it was a raw foods potluck a decade or so ago at a friend’s house here in Seattle.

PCC staff attending Lobby Day in Washington DC

Public policy report

From time to time, PCC engages in public outreach and policy initiatives as events warrant. Read about some of our recent activities, from PCC staff testifying in Olympia to writing the Obama administration on public policy issues.


Choosing sustainable and healthy seafood

by Eli Penberthy

Choosing seafood that is both sustainable and healthy can be challenging. Is it farmed or wild? Troll-caught or trawled? Alaskan or Chilean? Healthy or toxic? There are so many questions — it’s enough to confuse even the most conscientious consumer.

Coffee beans

Genetically modified coffee confrontation brewing in Hawaii

by Erica Strauss

Our morning coffee is brewed from beans grown by 25 million producers in the tropics, primarily in hand-tended backyard plots. On the island of Oahu, Hawaii, biotechnologists from Integrated Coffee Technology Inc. (ICTI) want to change all that.

pork burger

Recipes from the June issue

Easy Pulled Pork · Collard Greens and Cabbage Slaw · Summer Fruit Salsa · Raspberry Fool

What's new in store — June 2009

The PCC Web team has been busy creating new features on our Web site to provide useful and easily accessible information, from recipes to product details. Here’s a glimpse at some of the new additions to pccnaturalmarkets.com.


Notes from the Cellar

Holy mackerel

by Jeff Cox (a.k.a. Gofreddo Gallo), Wine and Beer Merchandiser

Plucky Purcell — a notable Tom Robbins character — once observed that sooner or later everything boils down to the matter of a buck. Similarly, my dad often observes that the world turns on the Golden Rule — that is, those who have the gold, make the rules.


Seasonal produce

Local, organic berry season

Our love for June can be summed up in three words: local, organic berries. By the middle of the month, the first local strawberries and raspberries take center stage, with the first pick of the season coming from Rent’s Due Ranch.


The economic value of farmland

by Kelly Sanderbeck, Communications and Development Director, PCC Farmland Trust

Until now, the costs of pollution and exploitation of finite resources haven’t been factored into the price of food. Profits are privatized while the cost to the environment is externalized to the public. It doesn’t have to be this way. Farmland needs to have its value recognized as more than just a source of food. In some places, that is being done.

Letters to editor

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News bites

Economic impact of cooperatives · Washington legislative update · USDA surveys organic agriculture · Organic manure better · rBGH bill vetoed · GM corn ban upheld · Roundup linked with cell death · Free-range eggs have more vitamin D · Fight hay fever with vitamin E? · Gates Foundation funds GM tomato · GM crops don’t yield more

Your co-op

Annual member meeting · Election · Board meetings · From our two retiring board members

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