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February 2010

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Let food be your green medicine

by Dr. Tom Ballard, RN, N.D.

Did you know oatmeal lowers cholesterol as well as statin drugs and without the side effects? Or that four ounces of legumes a week reduces cancer rates 22 percent — better than any drug? Unfortunately, these and other facts about nutrition are not part of the health care debate."

USDA: organic consumers don't care

by Trudy Bialic, Editor

If ever there was a time for you as an organic consumer to stand up and be counted, it is now. I've never issued such a strong call to action in these pages in all my 10 years as editor. But we are at a pivotal moment in the organic movement.

Organics in 2010: Age of Enforcement

by Eli Penberthy, Associate Editor

The year 2010 is shaping up as a very good one for the National Organic Program (NOP). The new director, Miles McEvoy, is promising an "Age of Enforcement," with stronger standards, increased collaboration with stakeholders, improved oversight, and penalties for violations.


Homemade yogurt

by Mary Ann Reese

Are you hesitant to try plain yogurt because it might taste bitter? Try homemade yogurt. It is sweet even when unflavored, although you can add any flavor you like. Sweeten it with agave or pure maple syrup, or add organic berries, nuts or raisins. A squeeze of lemon is tasty, too.


Recipes from the February issue

Spicy Kale and Sausage Soup · Three-cheese Polenta · Masala Chai

What's new in store — February 2010

Lots of new items to try for winter doldrums — Valentine's Day cards and candles, socks, herbs, probiotic bars and organic supplements for your dog.

Jeff Cox

Notes from the Cellar

As I was saying ...

by Jeff Cox, Beer and Wine Merchandiser

Now we're cookin'. As our side of the big blue ball wakes up and turns its face to the light, the waning days of last year and the annual fade-to-black already feel like ... well, a decade ago. But I have unfinished business from way back then.

dairy farmers

Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy

The creamy, delicious milk from our local Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy tastes like milk from an earlier era. Fresh Breeze uses the traditional, slow vat pasteurization process or an old-fashioned, creamy consistency — so you really notice the flavor!


February: the month of change

by Kathryn Gardow, Executive Director

February is one of my favorite months. It takes us from the short days of winter toward the longer days of spring. Evidence of the wan-ing days of winter is everywhere. In my garden, Snow Drops are prolific at the start of the month and gone by the end of the month.

Letters to editor

Holidays for staff · Plastic, GE corn, listening · GE crops increase pesticide use · Whey for rye sourdough · Gates Foundation on agriculture · Organic vs. non-organic seeds? · Meat packaging

News bites

Mark Kastel named a visionary · AMA advocates better food · Bayer liable for GE contamination · GE corn health risks · Frozen salmon more sustainable · Inert pesticide disclosure · Killer spices · Wanted: cattle rustlers · Chocolate milk reduces inflammation?

Your co-op

Election coming soon · Board report · Former trustee in Obama administration · Member satisfaction survey

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