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July 2010

woman and chickens

City chickens: ruling the roost in urban yards

The quiet pleasures of the urban chicken keeper are becoming more numerous and visible in Seattle and metro areas around Puget Sound. It's a trend that might seem entirely at odds with a city lifestyle, but one that delivers simple dividends for the urban farmer who gives up part of the yard to a coop, a run, and a flock of hens.

fishing boat

Savor Bristol Bay salmon

To raise awareness and celebrate wild Alaskan salmon, PCC will take part in Savor Bristol Bay, a week of events from July 4 through July 10. We’ll host a cooking class and have plenty of Bristol Bay salmon in our stores for you to enjoy at summer barbeques.

Ranching staff

Pure Country Pork

Some families manage restaurants, craft jewelry or build houses. Paul and Karrie Klingeman farm. It’s in their blood four generations deep, with the fifth generation ready to take over Pure Country Pork, their all-natural pork business.


Bicycles for Education: the girls speak

Since 2004, Alaffia has distributed more than 3,000 bicycles to students in Togo. This has helped them stay in school — a critical step for their communities to get out of poverty. Here are the profiles of three bicycle recipients and their thoughts on how it has impacted their lives.

Food safety within reach: Local is the natural answer

by Caple Melton

Nature isn’t a sterile factory. Bacteria are soil’s heartiest and most productive inhabitants, but the pathogenic bugs that compromise human and animal health are the ones that capture our attention.

Strawberry Rhubarb Galettes

Recipes from the July issue

Celebrate summer with a picnic that travels from backyard to backyard, or, assign dishes for a one-stop potluck that's sure to please.
Honey-Garlic Grilled Pork Chops · Bread Salad with Tomatoes and Feta · Brandied Berry Toffee Crisp


What's new in store — July 2010

From locally crafted, farmstead chèvre to gluten-free cinnamon rolls, flavorful gelato to all-natural skin care, we have a variety of products new in store.

Jeff Cox

Notes from the Cellar

Turning brilliance to dreck

by Jeff Cox, Beer and Wine Merchandiser

Malbec is hot. It’s the new darling of the my-varietal-is-hipper-than-your-varietal set, one of just a handful of French words that’s still cool (and easy) to utter, and the wine world’s Next Big Thing.


Land as a living legacy

by Kelly Sanderbeck,Communications & Development Director

Ruth Afflack was a donor to PCC Farmland Trust since our start in 1999. We didn’t know her personally but the trust obviously left an impression, as we recently were named in her will to receive a 10-acre property in Fall City.

Letters to editor

Young opinions · Bakery too sweet · Protein · Comparing chicken · Green cleaning · Delicious, healthy, cheap beans · Two-sided receipt tape

News bites

Organic for cancer prevention · Pesticides linked to ADHD · More fruit and vegetables · Teachers buy students’ food · State employees in CSA · Big farms still get subsidies · Fruit fly threatens fruit crops · Grazing cows reduces greenhouse gases · GE trees planted · EU approves GE potato · Haitian farmers burn out Monsanto

Your co-op

PCC 2010 election results · Board meeting report · From one of our retiring board members

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