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September 2010

man holding lettuce

Organic can feed the world

by Maria Rodale

You probably buy organic food because you believe it’s better for your health and the environment but you also may have heard criticism that “organic cannot feed the world.” Biotech and chemical companies have spent billions of dollars trying to make us think that synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are necessary to feed a growing population.

3 jars

Putting it up: Easy ways to preserve produce

by Bill Thorness

Freezing and dehydrating are easier than canning and a great way to preserve some of our favorite summer foods that have a short season and seem to disappear all too soon.

wheat field

Are biofuels fueling hunger?

by Joel Preston Smith

Once touted as a panacea for America’s energy ills, biofuels now are charged with jacking up food prices, felling rainforests, boosting greenhouse gases, culling biodiversity, and deepening hunger in food-insecure nations.

Jeff, Lupe and Scott Leach

Scott Leach Orchards

As sunny summer days give way to fall’s cool, crisp nights, Scott Leach Orchards will be ready to fill our fruit bowls with the treasures of fall: crunchy apples and creamy pears — certified organic, of course.


Recipes from the September issue

Zucchini with zip: Fresh takes on a mellow and delicate late-summer staple.
Roasted Zucchini with Saffron and Garlic en Papillote · Zucchini Ribbons with Herbed Goat Cheese · Mexican-style Stuffed Zucchini

Pure Eire Dairy

What's new in store — September 2010

We're excited to offer 100 percent grass-fed, organic milk and cream from Pure Čire Dairy in Touchet, Wash. Also look for new crop, local, organic pears, and more

Jeff Cox

Notes from the Cellar

Whirled history

by Jeff Cox, Beer and Wine Merchandiser

Once upon a time, well before cans, bottles or kegs, before micro and macro, before Jesus, Jahweh, Mohammed, Krishna or Buddha, before atheism raised them one with no god at all, before people had gotten around to doing pretty much anything, some enterprising, thoroughly inspired soul invented beer.


Local chefs for local farms

by Kristin Vogel, Communications & Education Associate

Calling all foodies! On Sunday, September 26, PCC Farmland Trust will hold its third “Local Chefs for Local Farms” event at Café Juanita in Kirkland. In a separate event, tour Orting Valley Farms at Pierce County HarvestFest.

Letters to editor

Customer service · Giving thanks · Baked goods “too sweet” · Real Change vendor memorialized · Hydrate for health · Palm oil · Bee therapy · What vegetables are GE?

News bites

Raw almond ruling · Grass-fed milk · Calcium supplement heart risk? · USDA olive oil standards · OTA challenges dietary guidelines · Food companies promise to cut calories · Bayer liable for GE contamination · Chile publicizes GE farmers · Court stops GE sugar beets · Washington bans methyl iodide

Your co-op

Fall member meeting · Upcoming Talk to the Board opportunities · Board report · Next board meeting · Board retreat

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