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December 2010


Choosing to be a vegetarian: 2 views

We think you’ll appreciate these two views on vegetarianism, one from advocate John Robbins and another from Seattle naturopath Tom Ballard. We hope you’ll find their perspectives both affirm and challenge your own, and that you may even be encouraged to make room for both turkey and tofu at your holiday feasts.
A naturopath's view »
A vegetarian's view »

2010: a very good year

from CEO, Tracy Wolpert and CFO, Randy Lee

2010 has been a good year for the PCC community, in spite of the weak economy. We didn’t open any new stores this year but we continued to reinvest steadily in all our stores, especially West Seattle, which we remodeled extensively.

PCC Bakery

Sweet on the PCC Bakery

by Alicia Guy

It’s 4 a.m. in the PCC Bakery, tucked away in the heart of the Edmonds PCC store. Michael Eckert, longtime baker at PCC, shakes the bakery awake by gathering ingredients for the busy day ahead. It’s quiet for the moment and he enjoys the solitude to get things organized. Big Bess, as the bakers affectionately refer to their 320-quart commercial mixer, waits patiently with her 4-foot mixing bowl, ready to do her part.


Bright lights shine in the dark season

by Goldie Caughlan, PCC Nutrition Education Manager

By nature, I’m a doggedly hopeful realist, but no Pollyanna. I know times are tough, and getting more so. But I have hope. In particular, when it comes to food production systems.


Recipes from the December issue

Appetizers to please all palates
Fear not when a potluck or party appears on the horizon: We've rounded up four tempting vegetarian appetizers that please omnivores and vegetarians alike.
Mushroom Crostini · Sweet Potato Basil Dip · Sweet and Spicy Curried Walnuts · Hazelnut, Sun-dried Tomato and Fresh Herb Paté ·

What's new in store — December 2010

From organic citrus to Oregon pink shrimp, PCC Bakery fudge to Chandler Farm organic body care, we have a great variety of new items in store.

Jeff Cox

Notes from the Cellar

All that sparkles

by Jeff Cox, Wine and Beer Merchandiser

“Pwwffffffffff.” Mmmm, that’s so nice. Of course, “pop!” is pretty much universal code for the separation of cork and bottle, and a call to the imminent celebration that event implies. But there are options.

Sweet Satsumas

Nestled in the sun-drenched valley between California's Sierra Nevada and coastal mountain ranges, Johansen Ranch has delivered sweet, organic, tree-ripened citrus to PCC Natural Markets since the late 1980s. Packed with tang and zest, their trademark fruit has brightened many a holiday table throughout our region.


Donations and gifts of all sizes

by Kristin Vogel, Communications & Education Associate

What do you give your favorite foodie who doesn’t want more stuff but savors the tangible experience of local, organic food and the people behind it? Introduce them to the farmers and chefs working with PCC Farmland Trust to save local, organic farmland forever!

Letters to editor

Real Change vendors · Pure Eire dairy · Non-GMO shopping · Truth about fats · Organic policy? · Columbus Day flags · Plain food · Zevia labeling

News bites

Washington conservation acres · Columbia River Basin drying up? · Consumers reject cloning · Food education helps students · Fluoride alert for infants · Omega-3s linked to longevity · Junk food kids · Unsafe pesticide allowed till 2018 · Food allergies growing · Monsanto stock plummets

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