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Choosing to be a vegetarian: 2 views

Choosing to be Vegetarian: 2 views
Do you eat meat, or are you a vegetarian? It's a deeply personal choice - and there are reasons to go either way.

Sound Consumer | December 2010

Whether vegetarian or omnivore, no doubt we’ll gather around the table during the holidays with someone whose diet differs from our own.

Maybe a sister is vegan, while your dad loves Christmas ham — and that’s okay! We all have different reasons for — and strong opinions about — why we eat meat or not.

We think you’ll appreciate these two views on vegetarianism, one from advocate John Robbins and another from Seattle naturopath Tom Ballard. We hope you’ll find their perspectives both affirm and challenge your own, and that you may even be encouraged to make room for both turkey and tofu at your holiday feasts.

After all, ’tis the season to enjoy delicious food with all our loved ones — no matter what we pile on our plates!

A naturopath's view »

A vegetarian's view »

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