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October 2011

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What does "Natural" mean?

What do you think natural means? Do you think it means no pesticides? No GMOs? Letters to the Sound Consumer show many PCC shoppers are confused and research confirms consumers nationwide are confused.

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2nd Annual Non-GMO Month

October marks the second annual Non-GMO Month, and we’ve got a lot to celebrate! We know many PCC members and shoppers are passionate about avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food.

USDA scientist: Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide damages soil

Monsanto’s public relations team is facing a real headache involving one of its flagship products: the herbicide Roundup (chemical name: glyphosate).

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Pump up the pumpkin

by Sarah Cassidy

The pumpkin is one of the biggest annual farm crops, with 1.5 billion produced each year in the United States. But alas, this abundance is not destined for dinner plates but rather for decoration — making this farmer and pumpkin-eater cringe!


Sweet on sugar

If bright white is the only sugar you’ve used for baking or sweetening your tea, you’re in for a treat. We have a range of sugars at PCC, from the sultry, caramel-like Muscovado, to the earthy, unrefined Sucanat, to glistening Turbinado.

Apple tart

Recipes from the October issue

Apples: fall’s favorite fruit

Pink Lady, Braeburn, Honeycrisp, Cameo, even old-fashioned Granny Smith — our vibrant varieties of organic apples are matched only by the ways to use them, from a perfect pie to a classic crisp to these recipes for three fresh takes on apple desserts.


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

October reports about the apple and tree fruit industries, Northwest pears, Washington cranberries, lemons, Oregon's hazelnut crop, yellowfin tuna, Alaska's salmon catch and Governor Chris Gregoire's request to USDA.


What's new in store — October 2011

Check out our local, organic pumpkins and all kinds of pumpkin treats in our bakery. Also new: sheep's milk yogurt, organic stevia and more!

Letters to editor

Sensitivities and allergies beyond wheat · Co-op standards · Hothouse produce · Seventh Generation, Teach for America · Paper towels · Long-time members

News bites

Banana peel purifier · Wild salmon deaths linked to fish farms · Heart benefits from chocolate · Airport buzzing over bees · Honey bee viruses and CCD · Grazing and toads · Monsanto corn losing bug resistance · Hungary destroys GE maize fields · GE moratorium in Peru · USDA biotech committee · WikiLeaks: U.S. promotes GE

PCC Board of Trustees report

Fall Member Meeting: “Every Day is Food Day at PCC” · Board outreach · Board report · Next board meeting

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