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December 2011


Easing stress through diet

by Tom Ballard, R.N., N.D.

Optimal nutrition can lessen the ravages of stress by reducing the chemical impact, repairing its damage, and preparing the body for future stress.


Year-end donations for safer food

We’re often asked what organizations PCC relies upon as sources for research on food and agriculture — from genetic engineering and sustainable seafood to the advantages of organics. Most are nonprofit organizations and many of them operate on shoestring budgets.


We're nuts about nuts

Nuts are a perfect snack to ward off less-healthy temptations: they're packed with nutrients and can be eaten plain, roasted with virtually any seasoning, or added to salads or other savory dishes.


PCC shoppers' opinions about "nutrient additives"

From the editors

A survey in the August Sound Consumer asked questions about what you, as a PCC shopper, know and believe about "nutrient additives" in organic foods. Your strong response was, in itself, significant — 1,432 of you completed it.

flourless carrot cake

Recipes from the December issue

Wholesome, flourless sweets

Sugar cookies and fruitcake don't excite you? Look no further for hearty, delicious ways to satisfy your sweet tooth this season. These recipes feature healthy ingredients — bananas, coconut, carrots — and are made rich with nuts.


What's new in store — December 2011

Organic heirloom apples, navel oranges, and Satsuma tangerines are just a few seasonal fruits you'll find at PCC. Don't miss special holiday bars from Theo Chocolate, festive sparkling wines and more!

sparkling wines

Sparkling wines for all seasons (and reasons!)

by Jeff Cox, PCC wine guy

Tiny bubbles. A rain of stars. Champagne wishes ... Nothing is more evocative of living well, celebration and refined hedonism than sparkling wine and the mesmerizing ascent of lacy effervescence in a glass.

banana worker

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

December reports on organic, fair-labor bananas, Calif.'s walnut harvest, various citrus yields and harvests, winegrape yields, the white shrimp season and farm real estate values.

Letters to editor

GMO-Free Seattle · Concentration in food industry · Fair labor gelt? · Alkalized cocoa · Hexane-extracted soy · No firewood

News bites

Egg production standards · Outdoor access for organic poultry · Prison organic farm · School lunch carbs · “Downer” meat decision · Homeland Security and food · Federal funds for GE salmon · B.C. salmon threatened · Mislabeled fish · China suspends GE crops

PCC Board of Trustees report

2011 Fall Member Meeting · PCC founding member passes away

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