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January 2012

workers in field.

Justice for farmworkers

By Joel Preston Smith

Last July, when 16-year-old Nicholas Chavez collapsed in 106 F heat while picking bell peppers, it was hardly national news. The story wasn't covered by CNN, the Associated Press or Fox News. Chavez was just one more pair of hands in the endless stream of bent-backed migrants.

News bites

Gender eating patterns · Peanut butter prices · Grocery profits · Privatizing liquor sales · Rainer Beach Urban Farm · Farmland value skyrockets · Public land grazing · Menhaden catch limited · Laundry chemicals · BPA in canned soup · Chemical company tribunal

Letters to editor

Farmer demos · Early days of PCC · "Natural" labels · Organic seaweed · GE salmon · Sprouting sweet potatoes · Autolyzed yeast extract · Helpful staff

GMO labeling initiatives

by Trudy Bialic

Important efforts are underway in Washington state to require labels on genetically engineered (GE) foods. Bills are being introduced in both the state House and Senate with broad support.

hands washing

Avoiding pesticides in soaps, deodorants and toothpastes

As a health care professional and periodontist, I deal with making recommendations every day regarding purchase and use of health care products. So I was very pleased when I noticed certain toxic ingredients aren't in bodycare products sold at PCC.

plate graphic

Is food combining valid?

by Karen Lamphere, M.S., C.N.

The new year always sparks renewed interest in eating plans that promise better health and weight loss. Food combining is one of the many popular eating plans I'm often asked about as a nutritionist.


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Reports about Texas Rio Star grapefruit, organic bunched greens, organic apple acreage, Washington's apple harvest and winegrape acres, the beef supply and the Dungeness crab fishery.


What's new in store — January 2012

We've got organic citrus galore to brighten your month — think Rio Star grapefruit, blood and Cara Cara oranges, Mandarins and kumquats — plus gorgeous Copper River salmon, new extra-virgin olive oils, fairly traded coffee and more!


Winter citrus primer

Is there a better antidote to winter doldrums than a juicy grapefruit or a sweet, tangy orange? Eat them now, while they're at the peak of their season, and be sure to try some of the more unusual citrus varieties (organic, of course!).

blood oranges

Recipes from the January issue

Sensational winter citrus

Blood oranges and other citrus are delicious by themselves, either eaten by the wedge or fresh-squeezed. Add the juice to vinaigrettes or marinades, or use the fruit in these unusual recipes.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Board meeting report · Next board meeting · 2012 board slate · PCC renews organic certification · Comments on organic standards

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