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May 2012

Staff and customer

Healthier body care

Why standards matter

The brands are unfamiliar. The prices look high. What happened to your favorite shampoo? We hear you. Yes, some products are gone. And yes, the new brands are a bit pricey — but well worth it if you value your health.

Great body care at PCC

Our favorite body care products

What face wash will work for your skin type? What shampoo is good for dry hair? What hand cream will be the most soothing, and what scent do you prefer? See favorites from PCC staff who have tried the brands we carry.


Recipes from the May issue

Spring salads

Tender, organic salad greens are a delicious rite of spring. Try these recipes for vibrant seasonal salads, or simply drizzle a plate of greens with one of your favorite PCC house-made salad dressings.

News bites

Eat chocolate · Caramel color · Sustainable eggs? · Fukushima beef · Animal antibiotics · Vatican official condemns GMOs · No crop subsidies? · Young pursue farming · Inspector General on GMOs · HFCS is different · Starbucks buys Evolution

Letters to editor

Food ties us · Sustainable shellfish · Biosolids hit the fan · Hydroponics? · Arsenic in rice products · Predator-friendly meat?

Arsenic in the food supply: Questions and answers

with Chuck Benbrook, scientist

Media coverage about findings of arsenic in brown rice syrup and other rice-based foods has failed to point out that arsenic is a concern for the entire food industry — in both conventional and organic systems.

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Organic banana and skipjack tuna pricing is up, and so is the quota for Alaskan Sablefish (black cod). Read about demand for U.S. wine in Asia, supply of fruit tree saplings from Washington, and why Honeycrisp apples are expensive to grow.


What's new in store — May 2012

Organic apricots and apriums debut this month, along with organic seedless grapes and melons. In the wine department, try two fabulous new French rosÚs.

PCC Board of Trustees report

A message from your board · PCC 2012 Election · Notice of 2012 ballot count meeting · Annual meeting — April 24 · Board report

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