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May 2013


The fire within

Chronic disease, inflammation & diet

by Tom Ballard, R.N., N.D.

What if there was only one disease? In a way, there is, and diet plays a role in its prevention and cure. According to a growing body of research over the last few decades, most chronic health problems are branches on a single disease tree.


Cool inflammation with diet

Eating healthy fats, limiting sugar, consuming plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, and cooking with herbs and spices including ginger and turmeric can help fight inflammation.


Foods to fight inflammation

A cornerstone of an anti-inflammatory diet is that it's rich in fruits and vegetables — the more colorful, the better. Here's a rainbow of foods you'll find in our produce departments right now, and some simple, fun ways to enjoy them you may not have tried.


64 countries around the world label GE food

by Hudson B. Kingston

Since the commercialization of the first genetically engineered (GE) crops in the 1990s, countries have been trying to create policies that sufficiently regulate and oversee these new technologies.

raindrops on leaf

Squeeze more food from a raindrop?

Biotech propoganda

by Joel Preston Smith

A few years ago, Monsanto, agriculture's industrious seed and pesticide giant, launched an aggressive advertising campaign on public radio and in high-brow, left-wing magazines.

Eggplant-Crust Pizza

Recipes from the May 2013 issue

Your favorites: gluten-free

Going gluten-free? We often hear from people making the transition that the foods they miss most are pizza, pancakes and other comfort foods usually made with white flour. PCC to the rescue!

Letters to editor

Urban beekeeping · PCC's GE fish ban · Humanely raised eggs · PCC standards · "Organic" fertilizer? · Rain gardens · "Picnics" at PCC

News bites

PCC first to pledge "No GE fish" · Fructose tricks us? · Why we buy organic · Bees get buzz from caffeine · EPA sued over honeybee deaths · Olive oil for fullness · Low-fat milk, higher weight? · Climate challenges farming · Congress members call for labeling · New WSDA director · List of organic operators · Aspartame in milk · Mindfulness for inflammation?


What's new in store — May 2013

Organic apriums and other stone fruit, gold nugget tangerines and padron peppers are the stars in our produce departments. Also don't miss organic Oregon pumpkin seeds, new PCC bakery quinoa almond cookies, and more!


Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

A looming olive oil shortage, coffee rust fungus threatening coffee harvests, and a new cherry-plum hybrid are the buzz in agriculture this month.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Vote in PCC's Annual election · A message from your board · Notice of 2013 ballot count meeting · Annual meeting — Tuesday, April 23 · Farewell from our two departing board members

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