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February 2014

shampoo graphic

Shampoo choices

by Marilyn Walls, PCC Nutrition Educator

Even the most dedicated food purist may ignore what is in shampoo if it makes hair look fabulous and smell like the commercials advertise. But you don't have to choose between bouncy curls and harmful ingredients.

Limiting animal antibiotics

The Obama administration's new policy to curb the systematic use of antibiotics in healthy farm animals is a step in the right direction and one that PCC members might take a little credit for.

Splenda's not so splendid

By Cynthia Lair

That caddie of pastel-colored sweetener packets is a mainstay in cafes, restaurants and grocery stores, offering a selection of sweeteners for your morning cup of joe. Surely you have noticed PCC doesn't carry these little pink, blue or yellow packets. There are reasons.

pinch of salt

Salt: How much is too much?

by Ronald Holden

Americans eat nearly twice the recommended amount of salt but several reports over the past few years have demonstrated the lack of solid science supporting low-sodium diets.

Letters to editor

Synthetic biology · Sustainable sardines? · Eating invasive species? · Coconut oil · Fluoride

News bites

China rejects Washington shellfish · Big Island bans GE · Looser mad cow rules · More irradiated meat · Israelends fluoridation · Artificial sweeteners found in river water · Oregon restricts neonicotinoids · Neonicotinoids stunt brains? · GE infant formula · Organic milk superior · Sustainable palm oil? · China rejects GE corn

Companies drop "natural" label

A growing number of food companies are removing the "natural" claim from packages. The reason? Mounting lawsuits for false advertising. Read more in the cover article of the Sound Consumer next month.


Rice of all colors

From pilaf and paella to risotto and sushi, rice is the foundation for many delicious cuisines.

potato fritata

Recipes from the February 2014 issue

Simple rice, extraordinary flavors

These dishes transform rice from around the world into tasty, warming dishes.

Royal Mandarin oranges

What's new in store — February 2014

Organic Royal Mandarin oranges, Murcott tangerines, baby artichokes and rapini are coloring our produce departments. Also new this month: Udi's gluten-free bagels, UmChu bars, Champagne Florence, and Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale.

tractor in field

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Will wheat growing return to Western Washington? Maybe! Also learn about prospects, the future of Northwest cherry growing, WSU's exciting new ag grant, and how a big freeze affected California citrus.

PCC Board of Trustees report

Pre-election activity update · Have a burning question? · Board report · Upcoming board retreat

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