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2015 display ad rates for print

Sizes and rates

Prices of ads shown below are per month of publication. Advertisers buying a 3‑, 6-, or 12-month contract receive a 5%, 10% or 20% discount per ad, respectively.

display ads
  Length of contract (in months)
Ad size Width x height 1x 3x 6x 12x
1/4 page vertical 4.875" x 7.75" $822 $780 $738 $660
1/4 page horizontal 10" x 3.75" $822 $780 $738 $660
1/8 page vertical 2.3125" x 7.75" $432 $408 $390 $348
1/8 page horizontal 4.875" x 3.75" $432 $408 $390 $348
1/16 page vertical 2.3125" x 3.75" $228 $216 $204 $180
1/16 page horizontal 4.875" x 1.75" $228 $216 $204 $180
1/32 page 2.3125" x 1.75" $120 $114 $108 $96

Color ads

Full-color ads are available on the back page on a first come basis. Reservations for color must be made by the first day of the prior month the ad will run. Space is limited.

The maximum size available in color is 1/4 page and color ads must be prepared to run as CMYK. Spot or pantone colors will be converted to process builds. Color rates are based on the ad rate plus a flat $300 fee per ad.

Ad placement

Ads are placed for best visual contrast on the page. Due to layout constraints, we can't guarantee specific requests for page location or placement, although requests will be considered.


All display advertisers must reserve space by the fifth of the month preceding the issue in which the ad will appear. If this day falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the previous working day is the deadline.

Ad space is limited in the Sound Consumer, and at times there may be a waiting list. When ad space fills for a particular month, advertisers requesting space will be held over to the next month.

Once space is reserved, completed ad materials must be received by the 10th of the month preceding the issue in which the ad will appear.

Production services

If you require design services for your display ad, you may arrange to have the PCC Ad department design your ad for you. We are pleased to offer this service at the very reasonable price of $50 per ad, regardless of ad size. This service includes layout, typography, image scanning and up to three revisions from first proof.

All service arrangements must be made by the first of the month preceding the issue in which the ad appears. By providing this service, we neither make claims as to the effectiveness of the ad nor do we assume any liability or responsibility for the advertisement beyond a correct reproduction of factual information we receive from you in written form.

Payment terms

All new display advertisers must pay for the first month in advance of printing. Payment is due on the 10th of the month preceding the issue in which the ad appears.

If the ad runs for three, six or 12 months, the advertiser will be billed monthly after the first month. A contract stating the terms and conditions of placement must be signed by the date of the first payment.

Pre-printed inserts

Pre-printed inserts will be accepted at PCC's option for a charge of $1,500, single sheets only, full run. We have limited availability and will accept reservations on a first-come basis. Inserts go into the mailed papers only and will not be inserted into the store copies.

A sample of the pre-printed material must be submitted for approval by the first of the month preceding publication. Please call with questions and reservations.

Special conditions

Advertising space in the Sound Consumer is offered to the general public as a service to PCC's members and to offset publication costs. Please note:

  1. All healthcare practitioners (including naturopaths, massage practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, daycare providers and general contractors) must submit a copy of their Washington state license number with their ads. Mental healthcare practitioners, counselors and hypnotherapists must submit a copy of their Washington state registration or certification number with ads. Registration, certification and/or license numbers need not appear in ads (except for general contractors and massage practitioners) but must be on file at PCC.

    Attention Construction Contractors:
    State law requires that contractors include their contractor registration number in all advertisements. For more information, please contact Labor & Industries 1-800-647-0982 or www.Contractors.LNI.wa.gov.
  2. We do not accept ads that mention retail stores which directly compete with PCC, or from political parties, public office candidates or those promoting ballot issues.
  3. Accepting your ad or payment does not constitute a contract to publish. We reserve the right to limit advertising space or cancel any advertisement at any time, for any reason deemed appropriate. Payments for ads not placed due to space limits or cancellation will be returned.
  4. Ads must clearly identify the product/service provided and the name of the company or person advertising.
  5. Past due accounts may be cancelled at PCC's discretion.
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