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Display ad specifications for print


  1. Macintosh files only (unless file format works across platforms).
  2. Ads may be supplied electronically as an e-mail attachment (5 MB limit), or burned onto a CD.
  3. When using e-mail, send files to

File formats

  1. Ads must be supplied in one of the following:
    • Adobe InDesign document
    • Adobe Illustrator (ai) document
    • Vector-based EPS file
    • Raster-based EPS, TIF or PSD file, 600 dpi (no compression)
    • JPG file, 600 dpi (saved at maximum image quality)
    • Adobe PDF file (saved using “Press” presets)
  2. No Microsoft Word or Publisher files will be accepted as final ad files.
  3. All linked files (TIFF, EPS) must be included even if they are embedded within the file, and should be provided as follows:
    • Black-only art: 1200 dpi bitmapped TIFF file
    • Grayscale art: 600 dpi grayscale EPS file

Additional requirements

  1. Include all Postscript fonts (both screen and printer versions), or convert fonts to paths (outlines). No TrueType fonts.
  2. Must include a black and white hard copy of the ad as it should appear. This can be faxed to Melissa Watson at 206-545-7131.
  3. Document size must match ad size using the dimensions listed on the rate chart. Any file requiring more than 15 minutes labor to meet PCC’s ad size and media specifications will incur a $50 production charge.
  4. If an ad's border does not extend outward to meet the full dimensions of the ad size, PCC's Ad department may, at their discretion, surround the ad with a hairline border to maintain the grid pattern of the ad space gutters.
  5. Our publication is submitted to our printer as an electronic file to be processed by an image setter and output as negatives. Any ads submitted as hard copy (such as a laser print) will be scanned into our computer. Some text may have to be re-typeset for clarity. We will choose a font from our library that is as close to the font used in the ad as possible, but cannot guarantee an exact match.
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