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June 2015

Healthy skin

by Marilyn Walls, M.S.

From diet to skin care products, consumer choices help achieve healthy, radiant skin.

Wild for salmon

Like blackberries and apples, wild salmon have a fresh season — and it's happening right now. Read about the health benefits of PCC's wild, Alaskan salmon plus chefs' cooking tips for King, Sockeye and Coho.

Recipes from the June 2015 issue

Fresh takes on salmon

It's fresh, wild salmon season, and PCC has plenty of ideas for making it the center of your summer table. Here, we offer four easy preparations you've likely not tried.

Choosing a safe sunscreen

A good sunscreen can play a role in preventing sunburns that are a major risk factor for melanoma – provided you use it correctly. Learn about what makes PCC's chemical-free sunscreens a good choice.

WISErg: A new solution to the old problem of food waste

by Diana Chapman

PCC Natural Markets is turning food waste from our stores into high-quality fertilizer, available for sale at our stores.

What's new in store for May

Look for local, organic strawberries, cherries and blueberries late in the month! Also new: Punk Rawk Lab nut-milk "cheese," Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt, HostDefense mushroom-derived supplements and Chinook Wines vibrant, spicy rosé.

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Learn about the collapse of the Pacific sardine fishery, the rise in U.S. honey production, why California olive growers are turning to almonds, and more!

PCC's Columbia City store opens soon

We're delighted to announce that our Seward Park store is relocating to the historic neighborhood of Columbia City! The new location will include salad and hot food bars, ramen and other cuisine in fresh broth, a taqueria station, espresso and smoothies, full-service meat and seafood counters and a classroom.

Online shopping at PCC

CEO Cate Hardy has announced plans for PCC to provide online shopping and delivery. We'll have more to share soon about when this service will be available.

Letters to editor

Ample vegan options · PCC product standards · Great PCC staff · Ultrapasteurized milk · Safety of Chinese foods? · Whey protein powder · Toxins in mushrooms? · Food safety at PCC

News bites

Organic "Sunset" lawsuit · EPA tests for glyphosate? · Eat eggs with vegetables · Dairy farmers break antibiotics law · Lowe's to phase out neonicotinoids · Store-brand "organic" eggs · Pesticides and lower sperm quality · Hain "all-natural" lawsuit · Doctors call for glyphosate ban · GE eucalyptus trees · Nuts for longevity · FDA to end approval of poultry drug · Restaurants surpass grocery stores

PCC Board of Trustees report

Annual meeting recap · Board meeting reports

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