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PCC Taste June 2015

Farmhouse meal

We're turning to farms around the region as inspiration for this month's farmhouse meal. Traditional, comforting, rural American dishes with a lighter modern spin make a fantastic Sunday lunch or portable fare for a picnic.

Celebrate with great cake

Our new ordering options provide the tools you need to customize a cake to your heart's content, from pretty garnishes to the delicious mix-and-match flavor combinations.

One ingredient, five ways: Green beans

Known as string beans, snap beans and haricots verts, green beans provide fresh flavor and a superb crunch in summer dishes. Check out five tasty ways to use them.

Hot stuff

Keeping global hot sauce styles on hand is an easy way to add authenticity to your recipes, and all our products are free of artificial preservatives, flavorings or colorings. One great one is sodium-free, too.

Easy weeknight meal: Greek Chicken Kebabs

Fire up the grill for Father's Day and make these easy, flavorful kebabs.

Get to know local

Seeking connections with local producers is something we've made a point of for decades. From our nearly 20-year relationship with Full Circle Farms to the newly discovered Jacobs Creamery, we're proud to support these Washington producers.

Better bean salads

Follow a few simple pointers to make light, satisfying beans salads for potlucks and picnics all summer long.

Super seeds

Explore our selection of seeds in the bulk department, from chia to sunflower, and get our recipe for Super Seeds Cookie.

A bouquet of rosÚs

While rosÚs are delicious all year, there's something especially appealing about them as the season shifts toward summer. Discover five lovely shades from five very different regions.

Go nuts for vitamin E

Find out the best food sources of vitamin E and why you need this fat-soluble antioxidant.

What's in store

Discover our new favorite Greek yogurt; check out locally produced lotions and soaps from Whidbey Island Naturals; and learn about our new line of grass-fed beef.

In the community

Meet the recipient of our latest community grant: Danny Woo Community Garden.

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