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Chatterbox for January

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PCC Taste | January 2011

The October Sound Consumer cover story "The Truth About Fats" by Cherie Calbom generated much interest on our main PCC Facebook page, on Twitter and around the Web. More than 450 Facebook users "liked" the story. "Thank you for this article," wrote Dawn Williams on the PCC Facebook page. "Last year I read a few books by [nutritionist] Mary Enig and it completely changed the way I eat. Coconut oil is my preferred oil to cook with now. My cholesterol numbers are better than ever since I switched. Eat fat and prosper!"

Our cooking program, PCC Cooks, and our Kid Picks program both have joined Facebook with their own pages as well. Join the conversation, get daily recipes, hear about upcoming cooking classes and more! Simply "like" our Facebook pages or follow us on Twitter.


On the PCC website, nearly 300 apple fans voted in our September monthly poll to support their favorite apple variety. The Honeycrisp variety dominated with 41 percent of the vote, followed by Fuji and Pink Lady. When it came to favorite ways to prepare pumpkin, pie and soup were the top vote getters in October. And for Thanksgiving, your favorite side dish turned out to be stuffing. Check out our monthly polls »

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