PCC Taste | April 2011

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PCC Taste April 2011

It's easy being green

Simple things you can do to reduce waste and help our planet. For inspiration, we've assembled a list of simple changes for your next shopping trip.

From our recipe box

Get adventurous with asparagus

Thick or thin, asparagus’ succulent spears lend themselves to a range of springtime dishes. You can enjoy these tender stalks steamed, stir-fried, grilled, roasted and in soups or atop pasta.

Spring herb guide

Dainty and light as a feather are the herbs of springtime, those first tender tendrils that lend our cooking the unmistakable flavor and fragrance of freshness and green.

Quick and easy

Recipe: Kitchen Sink Quiche

This makes an easy meal using whatever leftover grated cheese, vegetables, meat or seafood you have on hand — most any combination will work.

What to do in April

Tiptoe through the tulips, go egg hunting, create a memorable spring brunch and more.

Breathe easy this spring

Tackle seasonal allergies with natural remedies that won’t leave you foggy and tired.

A fool for rhubarb

Rhubarb is a cheerful harbinger of spring, its sturdy stalks a head-turning, vivid first flash of ruby red before local strawberries arrive to grace our tables.

In the kitchen with Lynne

Grilled Lamb Sliders

It’s spring and that means time to get out the grill! These juicy little burgers are such a great way to start the celebration.

Ask the Nutritionist

Fueling an active life

Hear Leika discuss eating tips for active people — including natural sources of potassium.

3 tips for feeding the athlete

Achieving peak athletic performance calls for conscious eating. Cynthia Lair spoke with us about one aspect of priming the body for activity: Knowing what to eat when.

All-natural Egg Dyes

Using old spices in your pantry and other items you may have lying around your kitchen, you can make natural egg dyes that are free of artificial ingredients and chemicals.

What's in store

You'll find wild Alaskan halibut in the seafood department, spring-inspired dishes in the PCC Deli, and delicious green drinks in the grocery aisles.

Editor's Picks

Ciao Bella Gelato Squares, organic plant starts from Rent's Due Ranch and Nacho Mom's Vegan Queso


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