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PCC Taste | October 2011

A tale of three sweet potatoes

My Potato Project: The Importance of "Organic" — Watch the video »

Showing always beats telling when it comes to making a point. One young girl demonstrated this notion with a trio of sweet potatoes and a simple, in-home science project: Which would sprout first, the conventional specimen or the organic specimens? Her neighborhood produce man told her why no vines grew from her conventional sweet potato: a pesticide called Bud Nip (Chlorpropham), which inhibits potato sprouting. Both organic potatoes sprouted within a month. "All those scientific statements that say there's no difference between 'conventional' and organic products? This girl puts them to shame," wrote Raven Jennifer Demers on our PCC Facebook page. Catch the whole video »

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by Karen Gaudette, PCC Taste, October 2011 (@nwfoodette on Twitter)

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