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Popcorn that pops

PCC Taste | October 2011


The merry pop-pop-pop of exploding kernels lends an extra layer of coziness to chilly evenings. Warm butter and salt is the traditional, perfect pair, but sweet and savory options abound that can make each hot and crispy batch even tastier than the last.

Toppings to try

Stock up in our stores

Bulk organic popcorn — Buy as much or as little as you need from our bulk bins.

Microwave popcorn — From Newman's Own in Light Butter, Butter and Plain.

Bagged popcorn — Yaya's Natural Popcorn (Salt, White Cheddar, and Herb and Garden Vegetable), Gold Rush Organic Popcorn (Kettle Corn and Sea Salt) and Little Bear Foods (50% Less Oil).

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