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Light up the fall

PCC Taste | November 2011


Whether you crave their scent or simply relish their cozy glow, candles are a lovely way to make any occasion special.

At PCC you'll find candles free of paraffin and other petroleum by-products, crafted instead from sustainable materials such as beeswax, soy and fair trade palm wax so you can breathe easy.

Up close

Big Dipper Wax Works, Seattle — When the weather turns chilly, you're sure to find whimsical, 100-percent beeswax candles in the shape of pumpkins, birds, ornaments, hearts and more from this local candlemaker at PCC. Since 1993, Big Dipper has crafted tapers, pillars, votives and more from pure, pesticide-free beeswax from the Northwest.

These long-burning candles light up the night without artificial extras and are a glowing reflection of the company's commitment to nature, sustainability, and the health of the environment. Big Dipper is a Green America Approved Business, supports many local community groups and institutions, and donates 10 percent of net profits from all candle sales to organizations that support sustainable beekeeping. Read more about their values: bigdipperwaxworks.com.

For everyday enjoyment

by Karen Gaudette, PCC Taste, November 2011

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