PCC Taste | August 2012

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PCC Taste August 2012

Best of the local bounty

Your go-to guide for making the most of local, peak-season fruits and vegetables.

From our recipe box

Orchard fresh

Four sweet and savory ways with peaches, plums and nectarines.

Quick and easy

Watermelon Salad with Tomatoes, Feta and Pistachios

Two summer favorites, tomatoes and melons, combine beautifully in this colorful salad.

6 grab-and-go breakfast ideas

The PCC Deli is filled with unconventional items for your morning meal that will keep you fueled and your taste buds piqued.

Sausages that sizzle

Find lip-smacking, locally made sausages — all free of antibiotics, preservatives and hormones — in the meat department and get them sizzling on the grill!

Putting it up: easy ways to preserve produce

Canning and pickling produce is simpler than you think, and freezing is even easier. Try six easy recipes for preserving the summer bounty.

Yogurts for every taste

Six cool and creamy selections you'll want to try this summer.

Out and about in August

From parades and concerts to fairs and bike drives, we connect with the local community at numerous neighborhood events. Find out where we'll be in August.

What does Washington taste like?

We believe great wine begins in the vineyard, and thanks to Washington's unique terroir, there's no shortage of superlative wines.

What's in store

Discover trail mixes and snacks in the bulk department, pre-smoked baby back ribs from the PCC Deli, and great back-to-school items.

Ask the Nutritionist

Hydration for health

Hydration for health: Reasons to drink up and creative ways to enjoy your water.


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