PCC Taste | November 2012

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PCC Taste November 2012

From our recipe box

Winter greens

They're fresh, they're local and they're surprisingly versatile in the kitchen. Discover 14 easy ways to enjoy winter greens.

Talking turkey

Celebrate this Thanksgiving with a healthy, flavorful, range-grown turkey from the Diestel family.

Homemade stock

Make vegetable or poultry stock from scratch with help from PCC Chef Lynne Vea. Get tips, watch our new cooking video and try our recipes.

Creative ideas for turkey leftovers

Transform your Thanksgiving leftovers into new dishes.

Get to know your greens

The range of vitamins contained in kale, collards and chard are cholesterol-lowering, cancer-fighting and bone-building.

What’s in season now

Tips and delicious ideas for Brussels sprouts, kabocha squash and yams, as well as a list of favorite PCC Deli salads that feature these delectable fall favorites.

What's in store for November

Complete holiday meals in the PCC Deli; environmentally friendly cards for the season; tangy, fresh cranberries.

Maple Cranberry Crème Brûlée

A simple yet elegant dessert.

Just the right cracker

Eight delightful choices perfect for holiday entertaining.

Butter me up

Discover which butters are best for baking and which sticks to have on hand for your holiday table.

Five fabulous festive wines

Perfect for pairing with feasts shared with family and friends!

Feast with ease

Natural digestion remedies


Stumped on the perfect side dish to go with your Thanksgiving dinner?

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