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Organic coffee with a conscience at PCC

PCC Taste | March 2013

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Sip by fragrant sip, each cup of coffee you enjoy from PCC's espresso bars, bulk bins or packaged selection helps support a brighter future for coffee workers, songbirds and the local economy, just to name a few.

We hold our coffee to the same high standards as all the foods in our stores. So at PCC, our entire selection of coffee beans — including the beans used at our espresso bars — is certified organic, shade-grown, fairly traded and locally roasted. Learn more about our standards and our purveyors.

March coffee sale!

All our packaged and bulk coffee is on sale through March. And all drip coffee is half price. Enjoy a cup while you shop! First time to our espresso bars? We're happy to offer organic cow's milk and organic coconut, soy, rice or almond milks at no extra charge.

Tasting events

Meet some of our roasters and try their favorite brews at free coffee tastings.

PCC coffee fun facts

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