PCC Taste | April 2013

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PCC Taste April 2013

From our recipe box

Noodling around: fresh pastas for spring

Bright, fresh, lively: Four pasta recipes that showcase springtime foods at their best.

Troubleshoot your stir-fry

Stir-frying seems deceptively easy. Here are solutions to three common dilemmas.

Goat's milk delights

Whether you prefer your goat's milk chilled in a glass, transformed into creamy yogurt, patted into tangy chèvre or swirled into wonderfully rich caramel, you'll find delicious options at PCC.

Spring cleaning

Our top five picks for a fresh house that are eco-friendly too.

Easy weeknight dinner

This healthy and enjoyable meal showcases spring's first fresh flavors with a simple preparation that’s a snap for weeknight cooking.

Kombucha 101

Wonder what all the fuss is about? Read a brief history of this effervescent elixir and discover five to try.

Top picks for seasonal allergy relief

PCC has natural allergy remedies that won't leave you foggy and fatigued.

What's in store for April

Locally made kale chips; ready-to-cook entrees in the meat and seafood case; new cheese dips from the PCC Deli as well as fresh, satisfying sandwich wraps.

Coming into season

All our spring favorites!: organic asparagus, strawberries and rhubarb.

The Languedoc

Learn about this ancient wine region filled with character, style and soul plus six wines we recommend.

Cooking with culinary herbs

Find out which offer the most health benefits in the kitchen.

Try our Quick Cooks video series

Join PCC Chef Lynne Vea in these speedy and fun step-by-step tutorials.

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