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Pasta sauces

Fresh, big flavor with no-cook sauce

PCC Taste | August 2013


Using simple ingredients you have on hand, you easily can whip together a no-cook sauce that when tossed with pasta creates a quick, satisfying meal. Take advantage of what's fresh (especially if you have a garden) and be creative with what's in your pantry.

Start with one pound of your favorite pasta. Fresh pasta cooks up in a flash — you'll find tasty prepackaged options, including organic fettucine, tortellini and portobello ravioli, in the PCC Deli. Cook the pasta just until tender and drain, reserving about 1 cup of pasta water. When the pasta is still piping hot, toss it with your sauce along with a few splashes of pasta water, as needed. The heat from the pasta gently warms the sauce and melds the flavors together.

When it comes to preparing your sauce, get creative. Fresh herbs pack plenty of punch and really can elevate a dish. Canned fish, leftover veggies or a splash of cream also add depth of flavor as does grated or crumbled cheese. Try one of these basic sauces and then mix it up with what you've got — the variations are endless.

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