PCC Taste | September 2013

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PCC Taste September 2013

From our recipe box

Crazy for basil

The bright, aromatic flavors of basil enliven any dish. Here we take the fresh herb center stage in five creative recipes.

Cooking with eggplant

PCC Cooks instructor Uma Bangalore, a lifelong eggplant fan, offers her top cooking tips for this glossy, purple vegetable.

Tailgate party

The PCC Deli has food fit for tailgating, with all kinds of to-go options. Create a tasty, themed spread with any of our following suggestions.

5-step school lunches

Put together a balanced and delicious meal to keep your child fueled and focused for the day.

Brain food

Certain foods help sharpen our focus so we can achieve our best results. Look to these three standouts the next time clarity is key.

DIY skin care

Help your skin recover from the heat and sun of summer with simple concoctions made with pure ingredients that exfoliate, nourish and replenish.

Ask the Nutritionist

Why is lycopene good? Discover how the antioxidant protects against prostate cancer, bone loss, heart disease risk factors and more.

What's in store for September

PCC Chicken Grill Packs; seasonal dishes in the PCC Deli; and delectable, no-bake desserts from the PCC Bakery

Drink wine, save salmon

Try two exclusive blends from one of our favorite Washington wineries.

Garlicky Green Beans and Shrimp

Fresh, tender green beans are cooked with plenty of garlic and ginger and tossed with shrimp, for a quick and easy meal.

Test your immunity savvy

Become an immunity all-star by following our tips for keeping cold and flu at bay.

Peak season: heirloom tomatoes

Explore six local varieties plus tips, recipes and fun facts.

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