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Oven frying

PCC Taste | January 2014

Healthy eating doesn't mean you're doomed to a bowl of steamed vegetables — far from it! Oven frying offers an easy way to get your crunch on. Using a small amount of healthy fat and a light coating, this simple technique creates great texture in a wide variety of ingredients.

Simple tips for a crispy crunch

Great ingredients for great results

Best oils

Fat adds flavor and crispness; be sure to oil the wire racks so the food won't stick. Some labels display the phrase "high-heat" if it's a good choice. Ours are GMO-free.

Best foods

Dense potatoes need only a light coating of oil, while meats and wetter vegetables will benefit from being patted dry and getting two layers of coating.

Best coatings

Apply a finely ground flour as the base coat. Then, for a crunchier exterior, dip in egg whites and finish with a coarser coating like crackers or almond meal.

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