PCC Taste | February 2014

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PCC Taste February 2014

Winter salads

Satisfy your salad craving with four flavor-packed recipes that celebrate winter's best ingredients.

The dark side

Embrace the cold and black of winter with ways to eat and drink "dark." Plus try our recipe for Chocolate Stout Cake with Coffee Ganache.

Things we love (for Valentine's Day)

Five natural and nice gifts for your special someone.

Smoothie revival

Discover easy tips and ideas for powering up your diet with fruits and veggies.

Gooey grilled cheese

Try four cheesy combinations that will blow your mind.

PCC Wine + Beer Department

Great wines. No attitude.

Uncommon wines, unexpected quality, great value. Learn more about our remarkable wine department.

Mix & Match Sliders

Try our ideas for combining different meats for customized flavor and nutritional components and find our recipe for Mix & Match Sliders.

Gotta love garlic

Get pointers for using this superstar ingredient and check out our recipe for Garlic Chicken.

The health benefits of dark chocolate

Thanks to unique antioxidants found naturally in the cocoa bean, dark chocolate has been recognized as a health food.

Eat your way to a strong immune system

Incorporate these five foods into your diet to help protect against cold and flu.

Garbanzos - one ingredient five ways

Cook our locally grown garbanzos in five very different recipes, from a crunchy snack to creamy salad.

PCC Healthy Kids & community

View some terrific videos that will get your family excited to be in the kitchen, plus learn about our educational Market Nights events and Fruit & Veggie of the Month.

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